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Little People in the Snow

Here are a couple of the wee girlie’s Little People…  out in the snow.  You can see bits of the barn and the house, but the people and the bus are well buried by now.  She has some she plays with inside, but these were sets that we got passed on to us second (and third) hand, so are ideal for outside play.  But I just found something humorous in the way they are peeking out of the snow.  We just didn’t get them put away before the first big snow fall this year…  even when we had little bits of snow she was still playing with them.  So there they’ll sit, until it melts away.  Waiting to play in the Spring.

Little People buildings in the snow

Sandy, the Sea Wee

Sandy, this is everyone.

Everyone, this is Sandy.

Say “hello” Sandy.

Sandy saying "hello".

Sandy is proof that some things do stand the test of time.  She was the first of several Sea Wees released in the late seventies and early eighties.  I believe she was released in ’78 or maybe ’79.  She was one of my toys when I was little.  One of the few that survived the “mom purge” of ’89.  LMAO  You know the “mom purge”…  it’s when mom boxes up all your stuff to give away or sell because you’re too old for toys.  😉

It may not occur to some, but while Sandy is highly collectible (or would be if she were looking better for her age), she’s also got a pretty darn good ecological footprint for a plastic toy.  She made it through me, through my brothers and sisters, and will likely live through the wee girlie too.  She may not have been created from sustainably sourced materials, or created by a green company by workers under a fair trade banner, but she has survived life as a toy for over three decades.

Sometimes being eco-friendly can be as simple as appreciating what you have.  In this consumer driven culture we need to step back and realize that we purchase far more than we need.  And I’m not pointing fingers on this point, I’m guilty of it too.   It’s hard to avoid.  It’s likely that if you have the resources available to be reading this blog, that you have far more than you need.

I’m feeling a little philosophical tonight…  kinda wondering what potential we have as a society when we value so little.  Appreciating what we have is a good place to start.  Even those of us who have little, really do have MUCH.

Maybe we need to start a buy nothing week.  Say the first week of every month.  Groceries don’t count…  food purchases would be allowed.  But one week a month, of buying nothing that isn’t driven by need.  It would be a start.  What do you think?

playing in the yard

Here’s the wee girlie… playing in the yard after our bike ride.  🙂

playing with little people in the front yard

playing in the yard

Miniature Safari

Lily-Ann was playing with her animals today, and she left them set up when she moved on to play with other things.  Thought it would be a perfect moment to play with my depth of focus.  🙂  So…  here’s a photograph of her animal tea party.

toy animals having a tea party

Miniature Safari

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