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Home made, from scratch, egg nog…

I’m sorry everyone. No picture tonight. I had some taken, but the wee girlie isn’t feeling well so I’m trying to take as little time as possible to post.

So for your pleasure I present what is supposed to be a super awesome recipe for home made eggnog. Now. I have made this… did so tonight (before the girlie was feeling sick), but it won’t be ready to drink until tomorrow night, and we won’t be indulging until Christmas Eve. A friend made it with spiced rum even though the recipe calls for light rum, and she loved it. So we too have used spiced rum. It’s a heafty treat in more ways than one, but home made eggnog is just soooo much better than that store bought stuff.


Be good to one another.

Billy Miner Pie

It is Damon and my anniversary today.  Together for 14 years, married for four.  We were married on our tenth anniversary during Inudoshi (the year of the dog).  Every year we celebrate by going to The Keg…  it’s the only day of the year we go, so it remains a rare treat.

Billy Miner Pie

We always share a slice of Billy Miner Pie for desert…  Mocha  ice cream on a chocolate cookie crumb crust, covered with almond slivers, and drizzled with fudge and caramel.  Soooooo  goooood.

If you’ve never had a slice, it’s worth a trip just for it.

Wheel me out... I'm done. 😉

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