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The Avengers – Two Weeks Old

They were two weeks old yesterday, but I took their pictures for their two week update today.  It’s just the way things worked out.  And I’ll admit, I got a little carried away.  They are just SOOO adorable.  And they are getting cuter by the minute.  Less like little guinea pigs, more like puppies…  🙂  It’s so nice seeing them grow and change, they are doing so in leaps and bounds.  And while yes, they are just camera phone pictures, they’re better than my very first digital camera could take WAY back when.  😛

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Okay…  I love my Chihuahuas.  I  love my friends Chihuahuas.  I love the Chihuahuas I run into while walking Chihuahuas.  I just love Chihuahuas.  And I’m the first to tell you, there’s got to be something a LITTLE wrong with you if  you love Chihuahuas (especially if you love Chihuahuas like I love Chihuahuas).  Seriously.  LMAO

So, here are Neddie and Rooty-toot.  Sleeping in the x-pen.  Couple of little farts.  😉

Ned & Roo

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