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A Sick Girlie, and The Spiderwick Chronicles.

We had a rather rough day today.  The wee girlie rose early, and though cheerful and upbeat, her spirits soon dampened.  Back and forth from the bedroom to the bathroom, trip after trip…  though we never went anywhere or did anything (beyond walking that hallway – she, often carried) it was an exhausting day.

Knowing how much I dread the feeling of throwing up – the way you can’t catch your breath for all the heaving, and the way the bile rips through your body on it’s way up and out – the girl always surprises me.  She handles it like a champ;  no crying, no fretting, no stress at all.  I sit beside her, holding her hair and stroking her back, muttering what became a mantra:  “it’s okay, let it out, you’ll be okay…”  She’s got strength beyond her years.

As if it’s not enough to have your stomach contents ripping and tearing their way out the same way they initially (pleasantly) slid in, they were determined to pull the poor kid apart from both ends.  When she wasn’t hovering over the toilet bowl, she was sitting on it.  Several sponge baths, and two full on soakings later, at about three o’clock things seemed to just break.  The last couple crackers stayed down (and in), and the yogurt both soothed her throat and mellowed the beast that inhabited her belly.

Deciding to play it safe, we had a simple supper…  buns.  She added a little “spice” to hers, but otherwise ate it plain.

About twenty minutes have passed since she fell asleep while I read.  I know I’ve blogged about it before, but it really is my favourite thing in the whole world.  There’s just nothing better than having her fall asleep, cuddled up with me, as I read our nightly chapters.

The last couple of weeks we’ve been devouring The Spiderwick Chronicles.  I was a little concerned that she might find them scary – as there’s a lot of things that happen to the protagonists, so had planned on waiting until she was a little older.  She found them herself though, during one of our trips to the library, and intrigued by their covers, and old-world pages, she insisted on borrowing the first of the five.

We’re now on book four, and this is the first time the girl has fallen asleep since we cracked the first.  She’s usually far too excited about whats happening to doze off during our nightly adventures.  Tonight though, I’m surprised she lasted as long as she did.  We almost made it through a chapter (Chapter Two: in Which the Grace Twins are Triplets)…  so we’ll pick up on the last page tomorrow, before moving onto chapter three.

The Spiderwick Chronicles - Book 4 - The Ironwood Tree


Busy day…

Today started off nice and lazy, just the way I like my Sundays…  but then it got busy.  Mostly fun busy, with a visit from my good friend Trae and her son Jaden.  They joined us for supper, which was a really nice treat.  Unfortunately we had some bad busy too though, in the form of a wee girlie and her daddy both with fevers and sick tummies.  A set of sheets, pillow cases, and comforters later…  at least the sickies have a clean bed to lie in.  Always a joy to have those types of messes… but we got through it.  And I have to say, have Trae here to help watch everyone else while I took care of the mess was a big help, and made me feel a lot better about everything.

Before things got busy I had been thinking about scrapbooking kits.  I have a few in mind.  Gotta build up a bit of a supply, and then I’ll hopefully be able to find a shop that is interested in selling them.  Here’s one of the pictures I took today…  while thinking scrapbooks.  🙂  Any guesses as to the theme of the kit it will belong in?

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