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I Love Weddings: a photography preview!

Time for a photography preview!  And it’s a good thing too… because I’m just not that eloquent tonight.  😉  Generally words come fast and easy, but tonight?  Tonight I’m tired, and the words, they be playing hide and seek with me (it would appear I’m losing).

I had the pleasure of working with Wendy and Chris to capture all the important moments at their wedding (and several hours before).  The big event was a little over a week ago now, and I’ve got a few sneak peek images to share from the “formals” portion of the day.  Wendy and Chris were so much fun!  I loved that we were able to be silly and capture some really fun and goofy moments along with the romantic ones.

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Thankfully I’ve been able to devote quite a bit of time so far to the edits and enhancements, and I’m about 1/3 of the way through.  So hopefully, Chris and Wendy, it won’t be too much longer until everything is ready.  🙂  Thank you for including me in your special day.  It really was a delight!

Choosing your Wedding Photographer!


In spite of this ear infection raging on (and I mean, seriously?  an ear infection?  last time I had one of these I was still in grade school) tonight’s photo shoot was an absolute delight.  Sarah and Shaun were wonderful to work with – and so totally cute!  I put the bug in their ear that you can totally bring a photographer along with you for your long-distance wedding… and honestly?  In spite of my wanting to tag along for what I’m sure will be an unforgettable wedding with such fabulous people, it actually is a safer alternative to hiring someone local that you’ve never dealt with before.

I always recommend couples really do some serious shopping when it comes to choosing a wedding photographer, and don’t leave it for the last minute.  As soon as you get engaged, start looking around at local photography experts.  Find someone you can relate to, and who’s portfolio you absolutely love!  And then book an engagement or couples shoot.  Your engagement shoot not only gets you prepared for your big day by providing images for your Save the Date cards, your Invitations, your Thank You cards, and your Wedding Announcement it can also serve as an interview process for any photographer you are seriously considering for your big day.

There really are two absolutely vital points when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer, and they both must be weighed equally.  You need to have someone you enjoy working with.  Your personalities have to click, and you need to have a good rapport.  You need to feel relaxed and at ease with them, if you don’t?  It will show in your photographs.  But just as important?  You need to love their work.  And seeing the results from your couples shoot will let you know exactly what you can expect.  Just because you love what they’ve created with other couples, don’t assume you’re going to get cookie cutter results.  In fact, why would you want cookie cutter results?  You are a unique couple, and what the three of you create together should be unique to you as well.

After your session think about these things:  Did the photographer listen to you?  Did they make you feel like you were an equal contributor?  Did they help you to feel confident about yourself and their process?  Did they answer any questions you had?  Is this someone you would enjoy having near by throughout your entire wedding day?  Would they add to the experience rather than detract from it?

All of these things apply whether you are looking to tie the knot locally or if you are planning to do some globe trotting on your big day.  It’s a whole lot easier to get married locally, as you can really get to know and trust all the vendors who will be helping to make your day special – but preserving your wedding and the memories surrounding it really is too important to leave to chance.  Most photography professionals will be happy to offer a discount to couples planning a long-distance wedding to help cover the added expenses of bringing along a photographer, myself included.  And then you can know for certain that those oh so precious, once in a lifetime moments, will be captured perfectly, a legacy for your newly created family.


couples or engagement photography, a perfect trial run for your would-be wedding photographer



Erin & Spencer’s Wedding – part two

Well, after putting in two days of overtime, I finished all the edits and enhancements.  That said, here’s the second preview from Erin and Spencer’s wedding, the formals:

Erin, Spencer – Thank you for inviting me to share your special day with you.  I wish you both a lifetime of happiness together.

Erin & Spencer’s Wedding – part one

I’m in the middle of editing the photos from Erin and Spencer’s wedding.  I’ve got the ceremony finished – so here’s a bit of a preview.  I’ll likely share some of the “formals” when I get that far.  But for now, here are some of the shots leading up to, and during the ceremony.

Spencer, Erin – I hope you enjoyed the bit of a glimpse this post provided.  I’ll try to get through the rest as soon as I can so I can get everything burned to DVD for you.  I know you must be dying to see them all.  🙂

May the 4th be With You (and other such meanderings).

Totally stole the first half of my post title from about a dozen places today.  LOL  Just so you know it wasn’t me who was clever, I’m just jumping on the pretending to be clever bandwagon (but actually owning up to it).  😉

Well…  seems I’m a busy, busy grrrl.

Met with the bride and groom who’s wedding I’ll be shooting on Saturday, a lovely young couple.  We’ll be doing some really fun stuff during their “formals” shoot.  Including heading into some pretty industrial spots for some cool juxtapositional photography.  I love shooting weddings – really, really love shooting them actually.  LOL  But when a couple is cool with letting me play?  SOOOOO LOVE IT!  It’s always nice to shoot a couple who’s willing to go along with my ideas and my slightly crazy aesthetic.  It’s gonna be awesome!

Of course, I still have three other photo shoots that I’m working on editing too.  So, yeah…  gotta power through those.  LMAO  I did create another preset for Aperture though.  Each of the last two shoots I’ve edited have inspired a preset – which is kinda spanky.  This one is a slightly faded and washed out treatment with a slight blue cast: a little moody, a little vintage, a little romantic.  Once I get a little further along in my edits, I’ll be sure to pull out a few pics to share.

On top of all the photography happenings, I’ve also got a dog show this weekend.  Thank goodness it’s a local one.  😉  So I’ll be bowing out from the show on the Saturday to shoot the wedding, but will be there with Marnie (the Chihuahua puppy) on the Friday and Sunday – raring to go.

If you are in Saskatoon this weekend, be sure to check out the Hub City show.  The club always puts on a great event.  We’ll all be over at the Exhibition grounds – all day Friday, all day Saturday (well, the show will be going on all day Satuday, but as I mentioned above, don’t expect to see me there that day), and Sunday in the A.M.

Oh!  And I also have to pull in a few hours for a planning meeting for the Green Party of Saskatchewan’s AGM somewhere in there.  LMAO  The important stuff is pretty much set, ready to go…  but there are a few details still to be worked out.

Soooo….. yeah….  busy few days ahead.  Anyone know who we’re supposed to petition for those 30 hour days?

Booking an Out-of-Town Wedding Photographer

These days you have lots of choices when it comes to wedding photography, and while the choice to go local seems like a natural one, it’s not always the only option worth looking into. If you find a photographer who’s style meshes with yours, and who’s manner and attitude bring out the best in you, don’t toss the idea of hiring them just because they don’t live in the area where you plan to say “I Do!”.

Personally, I’m happy to travel for the right couple, and I know many other photographers who agree with me. Getting married in Phoenix but the photographer you love lives in Saskatoon? Drop them a line. Chances are they’ll offer you a discounted rate to help you cover the costs of their travel and hotel expenses. Even if they don’t, at least you won’t be left wondering.

Depending on where you live, the going rate for wedding photography may vary drastically from the going rate in another location. In some places you can expect to pay $4000 which does NOT include a CD of your photography or any prints. Those same photographers may tack on as much as $3000 for the CD and a small print package. Where in another location, a going rate of $2000 to $3000 will INCLUDE the CD and the rights to print your images wherever you see fit. In these cases the couple thousand dollar difference will MORE than cover the costs of flying in and putting up an out of town photographer.

So do some research. Looking outside your geographical region may just end up saving you a couple thousand dollars… and that can go to ensuring your day is as magical and memorable as you deserve.

Visit TD Photography for your Wedding Photography needs!

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