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Recoup and Recover

I could certainly do with a few days to recoup and recover…  It’s been a crazy week, and I’m feeling completely worn out and exhausted.  But no.  That’s just not in the cards (not for a mom with a high need little girl, anyway).

To attempt a recap?  I’m not sure I could even do it.  But I’m hoping that I’ll be able to share a little more again as things settle down. For now though, I do hope you’ll forgive me.  Two boring blog posts in a row?  *slaps self on wrist*  BAD BLOGGER, BAD!  I’ve been punished, and hopefully tomorrow I’ll come through with shining colours.  Maybe then I’ll be able to actually share a tutorial or two for the fabulous gifts I helped the girlie to craft for her Dad and Pop Pop.  See you then!


I’m sorry everyone.  Dealing with a particular individual has left me feeling drained and disheartened tonight…  so I’m not up to posting much.  I really do try my best to remain positive, and will continue to attempt to do just that (even in my dealings with this individual).

A friend added “psychic vampire” to my lexicon some time ago, and this person really is sucking my soul dry at the moment.  I’ll be fine though.  I just need a night to myself – with my family, those I love the most – to recharge.  Come tomorrow I’ll be my usual chipper self, ready to take on the world.  😉

It’s been a hard day.

Today has actually been a really hard day.  I’ve moved from being angry over this whole thing with the GPC to just being sad.  I can’t help it.  I feel I’ve let down so many folks.  The whole situation has made a liar out of me, and that’s not something I take lightly.

Because of being away, I’m behind in my work…  so I’m seriously busting my butt to get caught up.  Which means I’m tired too.

Then, I pick up the girlie from school only to find out that she has wrecked the hemp necklace and bracelet I gave her (that I had given her just that morning).  Now…  she didn’t do so from a negative place.  She took them apart so she could share the pretty flowered beads and semi-precious stones with her friends.  But that didn’t change the fact that it hurt my heart having her destroy something I gave her.  So we had to have a talk about how mommy-presents matter, and wrecking or giving away mommy-presents can hurt mommy….  which just added to the craptasticness of the entire day.

So I’m tired, I’m sad, and I’m just worn out.  Not a great day.

Then tonight, my Dad called me.  It wasn’t about anything big or important…  He called to tell me that he  bought some tiger tiger ice cream for the girl.  So that when we come by for a visit, he’ll have a treat ready.  And that was a good thing on a day when I desperately needed a good thing.

Thanks Dad.  Thanks for thinking of us when you didn’t have to be doing so.  And thanks for buying a special treat with the girlie in mind.  And thanks again, for calling just to say “HI” and to let us know.

It’s been a hard day…  but that was a good thing.


I’m too tired…

yep.  too tired.


Life can just be exhausting at times.


But, I’m still determined to find joy in every day…  and despite being worn out, there were plenty of little moments that made me smile, and reminded me that it’s all sooo worth it.

It’s easy to find the joy.

Holding onto it is another matter.

…but I’m sure I’ll learn that too.  Just give me a little  time.  😉

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