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The Chihuahua X-pen Remodel

The biggest problem with living in a small house is the lack of space.  Too obvious for you?  Well, deal with it.  😉

I love my small house.  620 square feet of living space for three people and nine animals…  It’s not always easy, but we make it work.

Space is definitely at a premium, but I had to find a bit more of it for the Chihuahuas.  The feud between Roo and Marnie is not set to resolve itself any time soon, and I hated that Marnie often ended up resigning to sleeping on the floor when Roo refused to share the big bed with anyone but Ned.

So today we wiggled stuff, jiggled stuff, squeezed stuff…  and we did it.  We found two square feet more for the Chihuahua’s exercise pen (x-pen).   What is the big deal about two square feet that it was worth all the effort?  Well, two square feet is exactly enough space to include a second bed.  🙂  Now, whether or not Roo is willing to share sleeping space with Marnie, no-one has to end up on the floor.

Here are a few photographs of the newly remodeled Chihuahua sleep space:

The left half of the x-pen... featuring the new bed for Marnie, the emergency potty, and Marnie.

The right half of the x-pen... featuring the big bed, the emergency potty, and Marnie.


Neddie, temporarily boggarting Marnie's bed. Each of them had to have a turn in it after the remodel. 😉


Rooty-Toot Chihuahua... because I can't share pictures of the other two and not include her too.

So the x-pen now encompasses ten square feet of space.  Enough for two beds, two water bowls, and an emergency potty (for those times when we are out, or they just can’t wait until morning).  So far, they all seem a lot happier with this arrangement.  I know I am.

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