The Challenge – 2011

2011 begins as the year of personal joy.  As such, my challenge this year is a personal one – but one I hope you will be inspired by and accept yourself.

There is an idea floating around the sphere that in 2011, instead of resolutions (which often lack action, and therefore fail) people should choose a word.  A word on which to base action throughout the coming year.  I’m not sure where this idea originated, but it makes sense.  My problem?  For the longest while, I lacked a word.

I sent a call out to the amazing members of the MomWriters (an online writers group, who all happen to be both writers and moms – see how the name works here?).  I described what I was looking to encapsulate with this missing word o’mine.  And they made valiant attempts to satiate my wordlessness.  None were quite what I was looking for.

I have decided that this year, I will live the idea that I am good enough…  and through that, I will choose JOY.

Simple?  Maybe for some.  But for me, it’s a tough idea.  One that I can accept logically, but emotionally doesn’t ring true.  So we’ll see where this idea takes me.


That said, I can only assume you are visiting this page for one of three reasons:

  1. You are wondering what exactly the challenge is.
  2. You need a new challenge yourself.
  3. You are at work and are just wasting time until lunch.

In any case, I’m glad you’re here.

If you are wondering what led to this point, you may want to read my final post in 2010’s Project 365.  It’s available here:  If you like what you read, feel free to rate the post (the star guide is just below the post itself, click on a start to rate it from one to five stars).  I’m learning that I don’t need your approval, but it still strokes the ego to receive it.  😉

If you are interested in beginning your own joy journey, please add your name below.  You can blog or tweet your journey…  the platform doesn’t really matter.  What does matter, and what is essential, is taking the time to find joy in the small every day things we so often take for granted.  It’s about knowing that you are good enough, that you deserve joy, and then sharing that joy with whomever might be reading.

Finding joy, and taking the time for yourself may not be the easiest thing, knowing that you are WORTH taking that time may be even less so…  but by taking steps to choose joy, even in small ways, every day.  Life can become better.  And by participating openly in this challenge, perhaps we can inspire others as well.

So accept my challenge.  Take time every day to find joy.  And then blog (or tweet) that joy at least once a week, every day if you can.  Lets inspire one another, and I assure you 2011 will be a year worth remembering.

And if you are up for it, and don’t mind sharing, post your name, and the url where you’ll share your joy in the comments section below.  Then encourage others to do the same.

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