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Long-tailed Weasel

Out this evening at a photo shoot, I happened upon this little fellow:


He was awfully curious about me, and I was surprised when he let me get as close to him as he did.  I didn’t have a zoom lens on me as I like to pack light when I’m photographing people…  So I’d take a shot, move a foot closer, take another, move in closer, shoot again…  In the end, he let me get about four feet away.  If I’d been alone, I’d likely have gotten in even closer.  LOL  But I was happy just to have happened on him at all.  It was a rather neat encounter.

Wanting to know about the little guy – who had to have been about a foot (head and body, not including his tail) long – I started digging about online.  He must be a Long-tailed Weasel, except that in every discription of them I find, it talks about their black tipped tail.  A distinctly black tipped tail that stays black even when they develop their white Winter coat.  Now, I could have sworn I saw a white tipped tail on this fellow.  It’s what caught my eye in the first place.

Initially I thought I’d caught sight of yet another gopher (the prairie is riddled with them).  But then I caught a glimpse of something that flashed white.  I looked a little closer as he ran for his hole, and it was obvious he was no gopher.  I very honestly could have sworn his tail was white tipped – but I can’t find any information anywhere about a weasel or ferret species with a white tipped tail.  So I have to admit that I’m doubting myself a little, or wondering if this little fellow had an old injury that caused the hair that came in afterwards to be white – it happens to people.  LOL  So I’ll just assume he’s a long-tailed weasel unless someone has more information for me.

In any case, seeing him was a real treat.  It’s not too often a person gets a chance to glimpse one of these adorable, intelligent creatures just out doing their thing.  In fact, this is the only time I can ever remember seeing one in the city.  Which makes me think that I may just have to make another trip out there specifically on the look out for him in the future.  😉  Of course, that would be a total double rainbow moment… not just unlikely, but doubly so.

For all the gender-variant and sexual-minority youth…

For my campers, the Alumflies of Camp fYrefly 2011 (both Saskatoon and Edmonton), and for all the gender-variant and sexual-minority youth heading back to school.  Hold your heads high.  Be proud of the incredible, beautiful people you are.  Shine a light in dark places for all those who have none.  Know you are loved, you are treasured.  Build a community around yourself.  Find safe spaces.  Identify the supports in your school or on your campus, and if there aren’t any, then come find adults like us who will support you in the greater community.  Know that IT GETS BETTER!

Be brave!  Be strong!  Be safe!


For my fYreflies:

*jumping up, arms thrown wide over my head, tossing glitter far and wide*

TA DA!!!!




Bowtie Man

A day, like many others, with multiple photo shoots… one after another…  But today, a hidden gem.

The first time this fellow walked by us, we remarked to one another how he looked like he should be meeting a photographer in the park.  I’d have loved to photograph him, but I was there working for someone else.  But then, near the end of our shoot when we happened upon him sitting on a bench, I couldn’t resist again.  So I snapped a couple shots, handed him my card… and 30 seconds later we were on our way again.

But seriously, did he not beg to be photographed?  I could let him pass by once and feel a small sting of regret…  but to have passed by him, seeing him a second time?  For the 30 seconds it took to raise my camera, shoot twice, hand him my card and walk on?  I’d have been kicking myself.  So yeah.  I took advantage of a spare moment – because someone looking this fabulous just MUST be captured.  😀

Puppy Pictures – 15 weeks old

Well, the puppies will be fifteen weeks old tomorrow… so I figured it was about time for a puppy picture update.  🙂  Damon and I took the Chihuahuas out into the yard while the girlie was at my parents.  He kept them from mobbing me (which, if I try to take photos of them without him there, happens 100% of the time and makes photographs impossible), and I snapped a few shots of them ripping around.

So… without further ado, here is Marnie (our Champion long coat), Rooty Toot (mommy to the puppies), and Alice & Deedee (the pups):

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The Sims Social

Okay, I’ll admit it.  In fact, I’m not afraid of, or in denial of my geekdom.  So I’ll openly, and without hesitation, admit to the fact that I’m now happily logging time playing the new Facebook game, The Sims Social.

Once upon a time I wasn’t a geek.  I wasn’t a dork.  I wasn’t a nerd.  I wasn’t any of those things.  I was actually pretty popular.  I cared about my hair and make-up.  I insisted on having the latest looks, and bought into EVERY fad (even those that now make me roll my eyes at having to admit to them – things like pants that had no button or snap but instead had a freakin’ padlock, or those ridiculous hypercolour shirts that revealed bodyheat by changing colour).  But in my not-so-youthfulness I’ve taken quite well to the I’m-totally-cool-in-my-geekitude role.  Thus, I come to you today with my new found time waster.

Way back when, The Sims were new…  and I realize this may date me, but heck, I freely and openly share my age, so why would I shy away from doing so this time.  So, anyway…  The Sims were new.  It was Y2K, and the computers hadn’t destroyed our world as so many predicted would happen.  The year 2000 was a month in, and The Sims were brand spankin’ new.  The Sims changed the face of gaming.  Previously reserved for folks very different from myself, The Sims really were my first foray into a whole world of geek-delights.  I wasn’t yet a geek myself, but it was my first taste of a whole new world.

It is with a sense of nostalgia that I first clicked on the advertisement for The Sims on FB a little more than 24 hours ago.  And it is with that same nostalgia that I find myself continuing to play.  I’d actually forgotten how fun it was.  It’s not as complex as the original Sim world, not as customizable…  but it’s kinda fun to be able to play with your real world friends. Who knows how long it will hold my attention, but for now – while I’m sick with a cold and not able to do much without fighting exhaustion – it’s a bit of mild amusement.

The Sims Social, a screenshot from the game on Facebook

Nothing on the horizon

Going through iCal today, figuring out what I need to do next, I’ll admit to getting teary when I realized there is nothing relating to Camp fYrefly on the horizon.  I’ve been so focused on camp the last six months, it’s an odd feeling seeing NOTHING on iCal in purple (purple is the colour I chose for all things Camp fYrefly related, I’m big on colour-coding it’s the only way to keep organized).

I truly feel that everything I’d done in my life, somehow lead up to my position as camp coordinator.

  • My work with youth, and winning the “youth for youth” award in high school.
  • Personal experiences and interactions throughout high school, university, and beyond.
  • All of my equal rights activism
  • My life in politics
  • The experiences I’ve had running a political party
  • The time I’ve spent in front of the camera at media events
  • My time behind the camera, appreciating the inherent beauty in all people
  • The negative and positive experiences of owning my own business(es)
  • The fact that I’m so crafty/artsy
  • My being so “sex positive” and open to talking about pretty much anything
  • All of the years I’ve spent studying and teaching operant conditioning
  • Even becoming a mom

All of it, it all led to the moments at camp.  Those vital, amazing, life changing, life AFFIRMING moments.  And now, looking at my calendar, knowing that it’s over…  well…  I’d admit to there being an immense sense of loss.  Sure, I still have lots of work before camp stuff will actually be done with.  Lots of little detail things, invoices, bills, receipts, paperwork, reports, etc.  And I still have all of my amazing, incredible, stupendous campers – none of whom I intend to lose track of, and all whom I hope will be up for the occasional get-together/reunion.  But there is still a part of me mourning, seeing nothing actually scheduled in.  Nothing purple on my calendar.  It’s a feeling I didn’t expect, but there it is, just the same.

I feel lonely.

To my fYreflies!

To all of my fYreflies, the alumflies of 2011 (both Saskatoon and Edmonton):

Be strong, be brave, be safe! …and know that wherever you may go, you go surrounded by love!

Screw the criticizing eye of the masses

Screw the criticizing eye of the masses.

Screw the throng that claims big = bad.

Screw Vogue and Teen Vogue (do they still even publish T.V.?).

Screw the Hollywood version of beauty, stuffed down your throat till you gag.

Screw all those who would have you believe that size two is too large.

Screw all those who believe airbrushed is better.

Embrace your body, whatever it’s size.

Thin is not in.  I’ll embrace my 15 thank you very much, I can’t imagine a 5.

Your body is yours.

Celebrate it!

Love it!

In it’s imperfection can be found it’s perfection.

Stretch marks, lines, muffin top, mother’s apron, scars, all lines on a map well traveled.

Love yourself.  Love your body.

10, 15, 20 or more….  sizes, not scores.

This isn’t golf.  No birdies, no hole in one.

Just bodies, worth loving… whether the size is high or low.

Be healthy, be happy, embrace who you are.

tiny = happiness?

tiny = satisfaction?

tiny = joy?

tiny = fulfillment?

tiny = hunger.

tiny = appetites ignored.

tiny = sadness.

tiny = suppression.

Give me big, give me beautiful, give me curves, give me style.

Be happy, be satisfied.

Love your body, celebrate your size.

Embrace yourself, lumps bumps and all.


…and, well, that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Home from Camp fYrefly

Well…  I got home last night around 7:00.  And crashed at the same time I put my daughter to sleep (I usually stay up for another four hours afterwards).  Then today?  Today I slept.  All day.  I’m sick.  So it’s not just that I was being lazy or that I was feeling depressed.  I’m sick, and my body needs to begin repairs….  so I slept.  A lot.  And I’m super grateful to my husband who took the girlie to the zoo, and then out again shortly after supper so that I could have the multiple power naps I needed.  And yes, I’m now preparing to sleep again.

What a crazy week, and even crazier weekend.  I really do need time to just process everything.  But, I can say two things for certain:  Camp fYrefly Saskatchewan freakin’ rocks!  and I miss my campers and my leadership team.  You guys are freakin’ amazing!!!!  Love you all!

Now, off to bed.


Just got home about an hour ago now, put the girlie to sleep, and am now starting to crash myself.  It was a super long day starting at 5:30 this morning and doing some mega intensive training and bonding with the pod leaders, pod volunteers, and live-in adult volunteers.  After I hit “publish” I’m going to sleep.  It’s another super early morning (though I may try to aim for a 6 am wake-up over the 5:30).  But then it’s here!  Camp fYrefly!!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!

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