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Playing Around

Here’s the wee girlie, dancing on the sidewalk.  🙂

Dancing to the Music in her Head.

And shortly after, she decided to race against the wind.  🙂!/video/video.php?v=437839197352

Click the link above to watch her go.

Chuga chuga chuga chuga choo choo…

Soon the Kinsmen Park rides will be shut down until next Summer.  It’s an event that marks our passing into the dark half of the year, every year.  It’s been something I’ve measured time against all my life (because, yes, I’ve lived here in Saskatoon my entire life). I always find it a little sad, but as Winter comes and goes, and Spring returns… sure as anything, the rides open up again every Summer.  🙂

So here’s the wee girlie on the train… what is sure to be one of her last trips of 2010.

Choo Choooo

Circus Gatti – dog and pony show

The circus was in town today, and we had complementary tickets.  It was a treat, but not at all what we remembered.  There’s a whole lot I could write about this.  Many many topics I could touch on…  but the whole experience left me tired.  Some amazing performers, they worked like mad, pouring all of themselves into what they do.  So lets just look at that side of it.  People living their passion.  For now, lets ignore the rest.

horses and their trainer taking a bow

Taking a Bow

Sika Deer at the Forestry Farm

We are members of the Saskatoon Zoo Society (I think I’ve mentioned this before).  For $60 a year you get free entrance into the zoo (still have to pay parking at the park)…  so for avid zoo goers like ourselves, it just makes sense.  We like to make it out there once a week.  It’s fun to watch all the babies grow throughout the Summer, and even better to watch how active all the animals become in Autumn and Spring.  We even head out there in the middle of Winter when it’s -35.  Yep.  We’re die-hard zoo goers.  LMAO


The last couple of times we’ve got, the Sika Deer have been very interested in their human visitors.  It’s actually a little odd considering how standoffish they normally are.  But we won’t complain, as it’s given Lily-Ann the chance to be very up close and personal with a species she’d never have the chance to otherwise.  So here she is, feeding one of the yearling deer.

the wee girlie feeding a Sika yearling.

Lily-Ann and the Sika Deer

Faery in the Garden (yesterday and today)


my little girl


through the looking glass

A Tutu for You-you.

Decided to make the wee girlie another tutu today (this is her fourth).  LOL  Three that I’ve made, and one that my mom bought for her.  She loves dressing up, and throwing a tutu on over ANYTHING including a t-shirt and jeans means it’s instantly princess worthy.  Case in point – yesterday.  LOL  T-shirt and jeans, toss on a tutu and you’ve got a happy girlie.

As per request (by Denyse) here’s a photo of the girl in her new tutu.  I’d have preferred an action shot that shows off how flouncy and cute it is…  but I used my camera phone.  So, the only way to get any kind of recognizable image (as she moves so quickly) is to have her sit down.  So I had her sit down.  😉

Pink and purple tutu for Lily-Ann lou who.

A tutu for you-you.

This tutu features alternating strands of pink and purple tulle with sparkles.  I’ve also included about 8-10 strands of ribbon – just for fun.  🙂  It’s a different style than the others I’ve made for her.  More flouncy, less skirty.

The Magnificent Flying Wee Girlie

Ever since seeing Cirque du Soleil the wee girlie is all about being an acrobat.  She still wants to be a doctor when she grows up, but figures she can be an acrobat in the mean time.  😉  So here she is, still perfecting her latest trick.

Lily-Ann, demonstrating her prowess on the swinging bar.

The Magnificent Flying Wee Girlie!

Happy Birthday Bug!

My little sister is 16 years old today.

Jewles, you make my travels interesting, and keep me laughing.  Thanks so much for being such a great Auntie, and for sharing with Lily-Ann even when you don’t always feel like it.  Here’s hoping the next 16 years are as wonderful as the last.  Love you tons…  now and always.  Happy birthday Bug!

Lily-Ann and her Auntie, opening the present the wee girlie picked out.

Happy Birthday Bug!

Home again, home again…

Home again, home again.  Jiggity jog.

Yep.  I’m home.  Nothing much else to say.  Laying next to my wee girlie as I post this…  in the dark, as she sleeps.  🙂

daddy and daughter, racing to mommy.

Home with my Family

Bond. Jewles Bond.

It’s our last night before heading home.  I’m kinda tired, and very much looking forward to seeing my husband and wee girlie.  🙂  So I’m going to keep this short.

My sister Jewles (who will be turning 16 on the 23rd) cracked me up this evening.  There was a wedding reception being held in a room at our hotel.  After having a swim, we had to pass by the open door to the room where the reception was taking place.  We were both dripping wet, wearing swimsuits, towels, and shoes…  WAY under-dressed compared to everyone we were having to pass by.  So Jewles switches into Bond mode.  LOL  She starts rolling from corner to corner to avoid detection by any wedding guest who may happen to look our way.  I cracked right up.  She’s such a hoot.  🙂  Here she is, being goofy in the room post-Bond.

Giving me a goofy grin.

Bond. Jewles Bond.

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